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Helping Public Agencies Innovate & Make an Impact

Catapult has delivered thousands of projects for public agencies, making the public sector industry one of our specialties. As your public service leaders search for innovative services and solutions for the digital era, Catapult’s public sector technology consultants can help you through technology innovation fuel your digital transformation. We positively impact our public sector clients, enhancing the services they provide their citizens.

Improve Operations and Processes with Catapult's Solutions & Services

Catapult and our team of public sector technology consultants can help you with strategic consulting, implementation, pilot deployment, configuration and adoption of your IT services to power an efficient digital transformation.

Grants Management

More Grants, Less Effort

Our grants management solution is designed to manage your entire grants life-cycle from application to post-award monitoring.

Innovation & Architectural Workshop for Public Safety

Improving Transparency in Analytics & Reporting

This solution helps public safety agencies improve the availability, accuracy, and integrity of data reporting.

Innovation & Architectural Workshop for Public Health

Improving Transparency in Health Analytics & Reporting

This solution helps public health agencies improve the availability, accuracy, and integrity of data reporting.

Public Sector M365 Security Healthcheck

Assess Your M365 Security Health

A security expert inspects your tools, enables security features you may not realize you already own, and identifies those you should with a Microsoft 365 assessment of your security health.

Public Sector Power BI Quickstart

Power BI  in as little as 3 days

The Power BI Quick Start solution helps deliver reports from your existing datasets, while also providing a foundation for future enterprise-level analytics.

public sector technology consultants

Delivering Insights That Drive Investment Strategies

Texas’s Largest Public Retirement System Leverages Agile Analytics to Improve Financial Decision Making

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) was looking for ways to improve decision-making based on key financial metrics data from their investment portfolios. As the sixth largest public pension fund in the United States, the retirement system relies on analytics and reporting technology to extract insights that help them manage their investment opportunities and strategies for their fund of $151 billion.

Public Sector Business Challenges We Can Help You Solve

Improve Citizen Engagement

Improve citizen experiences and increase citizen engagement with updated services and applications like self-service kiosks and more proactive customer service, providing opportunities for citizen feedback. 

Make Meaning with Data

Get the right information to the right people at the right time, identifying trends and insights. Leverage modern cloud services for scale and cost efficiency. Integrate AI and machine learning into applications for enhanced decision making. 

Improve Compliance & Security

Stay secure and keep up with compliance requirements for your organization. Better manage your environment by keeping application and servers up to date. Spend less time patching servers while still protecting sensitive or classified information. 

Update Your Infrastructure

Improve scalability and flexibility with a modern infrastructure. Move information from legacy systems using government, private, and hybrid cloud deployment models to modernize your infrastructure and business processes while avoiding large initial hardware and software purchases. 

Enable a Mobile Workforce

Provide employees the freedom of mobility while maintaining security. Maintain integrated and centrally managed control over applications and data on the device. Give employees a consistent experience across devices. 

Deliver Faster Incident Response Times

Integrate existing sources of information and legacy systems to give employees a complete view of incidents quickly, efficiently, and securely. Employees work in an environment with added levels of protection and security. 

Maintain Compliance During Employee Turnover

Quickly manage employee provisioning and deprovisioning processes and ensure sensitive company information stays safe after an employee terminates. Avoid security incidents by managing access to mobile devices, data, and software. 

Improve Employee Engagement & Communication

Provide a centralized place for employees to access information about their agency. Improve employee engagement by developing usable applications that run technology more efficiently in the cloud. Objectively measure adoption and continuously improve your employees’ digital experience. Drive a positive organizational culture through a customized, branded intranet. 

Drive Employee Collaboration and Productivity

Create more time for citizens with a streamlined digital workplace for your employees, enabling better collaboration and productivity. Whether communicating in teams or across departments, you can share or edit documents, communicate within integrated social streams, and spread important news. 

Some Agencies We Have The Pleasure to Serve

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Insights to Drive Investment Strategies

New solution for government agency to extract insights and make informed investment decisions.

Creating a Digital Workplace in Public Sector

e-Guide to drive productivity & collaboration.

Drive & Measure Employee Engagement

Texas Agency builds a modern & efficient workplace.

5 Ways to Secure Remote Work

Enable a secure remote work environment.