Streamlining Healthcare in the Digital Era

Today, technology is helping to more efficiently manage healthcare processes and standards that often delay day-to-day activities and impede innovation — from HIPAA regulations and high staff turnover to siloed information systems. Catapult offers a full suite of healthcare technology solutions to help maximize IT investments, meet business goals, and support the pace of change. Learn how Catapult’s cloud, collaboration, IT security and compliance, automation, and other offerings specifically target healthcare’s modern challenges. With over 600 projects delivered to Health Care organizations, like hospital holding companies, medical device companies, large hospitals, biotech, and hospital services, we have the expertise to help provide the best technical solutions for your business.

Improve Healthcare Operations and Processes with our healthcare technology solutions

Catapult can help you with strategic consulting, implementation, pilot deployment, configuration and adoption of your IT services and solutions.

Healthcare Innovation & Architectural Workshop

Improving Public Health Analytics & Reporting

This assessment will help you determine if you are ready to move to the cloud. This session helps set the foundation for a successful implementation of data-driven solutions to help find answers more quickly and efficiently.

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Healthcare Power BI Quick Start Offering

Get up and running with Power BI in as little as 3 days

Power BI is a business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions. The Power BI Quick Start Offering  delivers reports from your existing datasets, while also providing a foundation for future enterprise-level analytics.

Capabilities to Help You Deliver Better Experiences, Insights & Better Care for Your Patients

Catapult is a modern digital solutions and services firm that uses healthcare technology solutions to solve business problems, delivering exceptional value. Specializing in digital transformation and cloud-based technologies, we imagine, build, and sustain IT-enabled business solutions that people love to use.

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Azure Cloud Services

  • Advisory
  • Migration
  • App Development
  • App Integration
  • DevOps
  • Azure Managed Services

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Digital Workplace Transformation

  • Strategy, Assessments & Planning
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Teamwork / Collaboration
  • Communications and VOIP
  • Enterprise Social
  • Intranet / Extranet
  • Modern Desktop
  • Ideas Management

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  • Compliance
  • Security Management
  • Risk Management
  • Governance
  • Data Security
  • Device Security

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  • System/Server Management
  • Virtualization
  • Device Management
  • Cloud
  • Intelligent Communications
  • Identity Management

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App Development

  • Custom Development
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Migration
  • CRM Solutions
  • PowerApps
  • DevOps

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Education technology solutions

Data & AI

  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • Big Data
  • Power BI Reporting
  • Analytics Management

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Education technology solutions

Managed Services

  • Azure Management Services
  • Spyglass
  • Fuse
  • Agile Analytics & AI
  • Agile Applications
  • Monitoring & Expert Support

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American Nurses Association Adapts with Azure as World Shifts

“Catapult was able to extend our reach and increase our capabilities without increasing our costs. The result was better overall services, reduced costs, effective security, and improved reliability of services. Partnering with Catapult enabled ANA Enterprise to remain focused on its mission to “lead the profession to the shape the future of nursing and health care,” and to support all nurses at this critical time, especially those on the front lines fighting COVID-19.”

Barry Gersten, Chief Technology Officer, ANA Enterprise

Healthcare Business Challenges We Can Help You Solve

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce data management and storage costs as well as costs stemming from under-utilized providers and time-consuming processes. Reduce your data management and application development costs. 

Improve Staff Efficiency & Coordination

Use tools to enable virtual teaming and a culture of collaborative care delivery while improving staff productivity. Staff can access patient data from anywhere on portable devices. 

Eliminate HIPAA Concerns

Protect patient information from data breaches and cybercrime by ensuring security measures are in place. Provide quality care by protecting your patients’ sensitive data and ensuring compliance. 

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Create engagement solutions that focus on patient-centered health. Provide insight and guidance to patients for improving their health and access to their records and information. Increase revenues from loyalty. 

Stay Competitive through Innovation and IoT

Use predictive analytics to project market health trends while developing innovative methods of care delivery, treatment techniques, and telehealth service lines, such as vitals analyses with smart devices. Enable growth through collaborative research and self-service business intelligence. 

Secure Access to Patient Data from Anywhere

Enable secure collection, storage, and analysis of patient health information from hospital equipment and smart devices to maintain real-time awareness of patients. Consolidate patient information and analytics securely so that physicians, clinicians, and nurses have quick access to information, increasing productivity. 

Minimize Medical Errors

Draw data in real time to know when patients require treatment and leverage evidence-based care to automatically analyze risk factors and minimize medical errors. Adhere to increased health regulations and improve risk management and regulatory compliance. 

Contribute to Population Health Management

Analyze operational data, demographics, and social events to predict population health trends and contribute to social services continuity planning. Use longitudinal data management for sharing data with other health providers and conducting collaborative research with institutions for better population health outcomes. 

Enable Telehealth and Coordinate Care

Free up waiting rooms through the cloud and connect patients instantly to experts, regardless of location and schedules. Develop innovative methods of care delivery to meet competition, optimize delivery costs, and improve service. Expand reach with services such as remote care and vitals analyses with smart devices. 

Manage High Turnover in IT

Spend more time on mission-critical, strategic initiatives when you automate the staff provisioning and deprovisioning processes from multiple systems. Manage high turnover rates by cutting the time spent on these processes into a fraction of its current rate. 

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