Business Intelligence

Optimize on-premise reporting and analysis.

On-premise and on-point.

Catapult works with you to understand, solve and anticipate complex problems by analyzing and interpreting key data of critical trends. Power BI empowers business decisions that yield your immediate and future success.

Deliver Insights Anywhere

Let business users connect to and analyze data. Share insights on the web, mobile devices or custom applications.

Modernize Enterprise Reporting

Scale your reporting solution. Deliver insights to thousands of users with an enterprise-ready reporting platform.

Create Interactive Reports

Quickly generate and share rich, interactive reports that help you better visualize and analyze your data.

Technologies We Use

Leveraging Microsoft technologies, Catapult delivers consumable insights and metrics that will optimize your business processes.




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Data Integration

Organizations frequently store and utilize data in a variety of different systems, but decisions often need to be made based on a unified view of these platforms. Catapult can help facilitate these decisions by crafting solutions that collect data from disparate systems, and organizing them into a consolidated analytics system.


Data Visualization

Raw data is abundant and plentiful, but lacks the visual context that is inherent for human understanding. Catapult can bring your data to life with compelling dashboards and visualizations that tell a clear story, thus bringing actionable insights to the surface.


Data Optimization

As worldwide data continues to explode in quantity and complexity, systems are reaching their capacity to output results in an expedient fashion. Catapult can help you stay ahead of the curve by calibrating your existing systems for peak optimization, empowering you to make decisions in a timely fashion.


Data Warehousing

Users most often interface with data through applications, but the storage mechanisms for these systems are often not well-suited for reporting and analytics. Catapult can solve this problem by architecting modern data warehouses, centralizing your data into a single repository for best-in-class decision support systems.

Business Intelligence Anytime, Anywhere

  • Communicate your metrics by creating visualizations that tell more compelling stories

  • Get data-driven insights in real-time as they occur in your enterprise ecosystem

  • Design executive dashboards that organize data at strategic, tactical and operational levels

  • Consume mobile data and access to reports and dashboards, anywhere, anytime.

  • Slice and dice your data with dynamic controls and self-service BI solutions

Big data dashboard

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