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Tackle your workplace challenges head-on with a robust communication, collaboration and co-innovation solution.


Fuse Intranet makes communication easy. Not your standard, out-of-the box SharePoint intranet site, it serves as your hub for internal communication and is made to match your corporate brand, business needs, and company culture.

Whether you’re trying to instant message a colleague or put together a company-wide presentation, you can streamline employee communication with Fuse. No matter your communication needs, Fuse has the appropriate tool for you, including social channels that connect employees and build company culture in real time.

  • Enables seamless communication
  • Unify company culture
  • Streamline real-time communications via social channels
  • Quickly and easily find important documents and assets
  • Ensure valuable information is secure, yet accessible


Fuse Teamwork brings all of your groups and collaboration tools into one centralized view, making it easy for team members to access important documents they need to do their job.

Fuse works to streamline collaboration and knowledge-sharing, connecting people and information together. Employees are empowered to share documents, assets and information across teams, departments and the company at large.

  • Access collaboration tools efficiently from one dashboard
  • Use search to location documents and discussions
  • Create your own templates including landing pages, libraries and metadata without coding
  • Filter out the noise by allowing employees to find favorite workspaces and documents that have recently been updated


Fuse Idea Management helps drive innovation by motivating team members to share ideas.

Give your employees the tools necessary to do their jobs (and do them well!). Fuse is built on Office 365, and collaboration and communication tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Yammer all power your digital transformation so your employees can work anytime, anywhere.

  • Empower employees to create new ideas and involve fellow co-workers by ranking their favorite ideas
  • Recognize employees who’ve submitted ideas to encourage more employees to share
  • Track ideas and capture insights and team involvement

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