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Ongoing coaching that ensures your employees are making the most of Fuse and the tools within the Office 365 environment. Our team will support your efforts to drive communication and collaboration by tracking employee engagement and improving user adoption. With Fuse, you will receive regularly scheduled meetings—whether weekly or biweekly—it’s up to you!

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Customer Success Manager

The Fuse Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your day-to-day point of contact. Put simply, it’s their job to ensure you remain delighted with our service. They find answers, identify solutions and enlist any technical support you may need. The CSM also keeps a constant eye out for strategic opportunities to deliver more business value on your portal.


Fuse comes with a dedicated team of experts who own the success of your portal and ensure your workforce active and engaged.

Solution Coach

The solution coach provides valuable expertise that covers SharePoint and the entire O365 platform. Taking strategic input from you and your CSM, your solution coach turns requests into a reality. Not only does Catapult’s team of dedicated experts help maintain your site, they also drive employee adoption and usage to ensure the long-term success of your portal.

“One of the great things about Catapult is that they haven’t just walked away. Fuse is looking to improve what’s in place…We rely on our CSM to get more out of Fuse.”

-Matthew Watkin Operations Manager, IT | Abila

When Abila wanted to centralize information for employees, they reached out to Catapult to help them unify their gaps. With Fuse, we helped them leverage their existing Office365 license, support a quick and easy implementation, and manage their employee portal moving forward with a their own dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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The Catapult Difference:

We go beyond everyday support. Clients are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager that takes service and support to the next level. With Fuse, not only are we working to improve collaboration and productivity, we look at your business as a whole and the strategy driving your digital transformation.

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