Fuse Features

Drive employee communication, collaboration and productivity.

Features make your job easier

Beyond SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and OneDrive, the Fuse team is here to help you drive productivity using any Office 365 tool: PowerApps, Power BI, Flow, etc. Our team of seasoned Microsoft tech experts can meet your specific requirements for line-of-business applications and departmental productivity solutions.

Fuse Intranet

  • Company News Surveys
  • Surveys
  • Content Pages
  • Forms
  • Quick Links & My Tools
  • FAQ
  • Events & Trainings
  • Open Job Positions
  • People & Expertise Finder
  • Classifieds
  • Social Hub
  • Admin Toolpack
  • Latest Videos
  • Multilingual
  • Discussion Feeds
  • 3 UI Themes
  • Yammer Praises and Announcement
  • Company News and Alerts
  • Delve Blogs

Fuse Teamwork

  • Dashboard
  • Access Teams, Planner and SharePoint Sites
  • Manage Group Lifecycle
  • Find Documents and Discussions
  • Group Templates
  • Enterprise Metadata (Enterprise)
  • SharePoint Server Support (Enterprise)
  • SharePoint Server Support (Enterprise)

Fuse Idea Management

  • Idea Workflow
  • Discuss & Like Ideas
  • Categories & Filters
  • Idea Workflow
  • Activity Scores

5 Digital Workplace Essentials

Unlock Office 365

Proven to quadruple user adoption and engagement, Fuse breathes new life into your Office 365 investment. From SharePoint and Teams to Yammer and Power BI, Fuse is the front porch to your collection of Microsoft tools.

Engage on Mobile

Today, mobility is a non-negotiable. The Fuse mobile app for iOS and Android goes beyond the confines of corporate to unite your workforce under a common set of goals and values, giving first-line employees access to critical resources on-the-go.

Lightning Fast Deployment

We’re able to launch your robust and engaging communication and collaboration solution in as little as two weeks. How do we do it? By harvesting best practices from 1000’s of communication and collaboration solutions to create an 80% pre-built model that can be quickly tailored to your organization’s needs.

Branded & Customizable

With Fuse, you choose the color, font and navigation to match your corporate branding. Beyond look and feel, Fuse’s robust communication and collaboration portal can be customized to fit the structure of your company.

Secure in the Cloud

In our cloud-first world, security and compliance requirements are paramount. Fuse ensures unified policies are applied across all devices while giving employees the collaboration and productivity tools needed to keep pace with your business needs.

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