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Engage Your Team Through Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaborate Efficiently & Improve Productivity

Collaboration requires great communication and a shared vision. Empower your employees to collaborate simultaneously from any device, anywhere with Teams solutions that improve their productivity. Catapult can help you identify and implement the best collaboration technology that will help you achieve your business goals.

Teams solutions


Embrace internal communication, collaboration and increase productivity with Teams solutions. Integrate your Intranet directly into the collaboration tools your employees already have.

Idea Management

Deliver an experience that empowers teams across all organizations to ideate and co-innovate to build their dream workplace.

Teams solutions
Teams solutions


Get control of your M365 environment with a group provisioning tool that provides your employees an easily configured order form, approval workflow, and employee dashboard that also enforces your governance policies.

Custom Teams Templates

Provide your employees templates for Teams that meet the collaboration objective with preconfigured channels and all the content, documents, and policies needed to perform the task at hand.



Set up an extranet quickly and easily for employees to communicate and collaborate with their customers and partners in a secure environment. Share your business-critical materials and resources all in one place with a safe and accessible invite-only platform.

Collaboration Tools to Enhance Team Productivity

Experience focused Teamwork in real time from anywhere, on any device. Chat, call and collaborate in one place.
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Enable sharing knowledge and content across your organization, so that anyone can quickly find and share the information they need.
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Azure Sentinel
Imagine, discover and harness the power of Azure. Operate in the cloud and accelerate your digital transformation.
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Creating a Digital Workplace

The result of a successful digital workplace implementation is when the tools employees use are integrated in such a way that collaboration, productivity and efficiency are optimized.

In this eGuide, we guide you through your digital workplace journey to drive productivity and collaboration in the Digital Age.

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Digital Workplace Strategy Learning Hub

Quick 15-30-minute sessions designed to guide you on the journey to a robust Digital Workplace.

Global Communications Unified with Teams Voice

Teams Voice streamlined this shoe manufacturer's global communications, improving remote work experience and more.

Digital Workplace Assessment

Create a dynamic and connected environment that fosters creativity and spurs innovation with M365.

Improve Employee Engagement

Using tools you already own in Office 365.