Innovation Services

Keep up with technology and break through the clutter.

What Are Innovation Services?

Technology advances are continuously changing and creating higher expectations in companies to improve operations and the customer experience. Catapult’s Innovation Services help you find the business problems worth solving to help you optimize your business operations and drive productivity, ultimately delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Discover operating efficiencies.

Optimize your operations with new technologies that can help you automate processes, reduce maintenance and break through the clutter.

Prioritize new opportunities and uncover risks.

Transform your digital experience, discover new opportunities, and reduce your operational risks.

Predict customer trends.

Detect data-centric customer insights and discover predictable purchase patterns that will help your business decisions.

Increase speed of innovation.

Drive growth and stay up-to-date in your digital transformation by leveraging the cloud and other data-centric tools.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Discover new capabilities, technologies and applications that can help you unlock new business ventures, and gain competitive advantage.

Improve customer experience.

Build an improved digital experience and give your customer a unique and personalized purchase journey.

Innovation Workshops

The world is moving at an ever accelerating pace; digital touch points with customers, constituents, or partners need to meet today’s needs. Create a strategy that will take you from a reactive to a proactive approach in your operations. Discover how, where and why to take your next step in your insights journey.


This three to four-hour co-creation, in-person workshop is a first step toward understanding the problems worth solving, prioritizing the outcomes worth pursuing, and building velocity. At the end of the workshop, Catapult delivers an executive summary with next steps.


Anyone re-platforming, building something new, trying to solve a challenging problem, looking to use technology to improve outcomes, or deciding what to build.

1. Kick-off

Catapult and customer introduce each other and learn about the current situation

2. Innovation & Ideation

Catapult and customer co-ideate on problems worth solving

3. Prioritization & Next Steps

Catapult and customer collaborate to prioritize ideas and scenarios

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