Mobility + Security

Stay secure with Catapult and Microsoft EMS and drive productivity on your employees’ favorite apps and devices

Transform your business while keeping security top of mind

Today, employees have the ability to access corporate services wherever, whenever, and on any device. Catapult can help power your users’ diverse technology needs while preserving compliance and data protection with Microsoft EMS.


Catapult & Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Empower employees by streamlining all devices and applications to make mobility effortless, simple, and secure in our mobile-first, cloud-first world.

  • Tackle mobility using a next generation security approach

  • Create a roadmap for your business that monitors threats and provides ongoing insights

  • Identify, manage, and map compliance needs to your existing technology

  • Catapult helps you sift through and get a handle on strict compliance regulations

Identity & Access

Microsoft EMS

We simplify identity management in our mobile-first, cloud-first world. Create a single set of credentials for employees, making it easy for IT to apply identity-based security measures for mobile device management.

Mobile Productivity

Microsoft EMS

Empower employees by providing them with secure and seamless access to all of their favorite apps and devices, while adding layers of added protection and security.

Comprehensive & Simple

Save money and stay secure. EM+S provides a comprehensive, simple solution integrating the technology you already own.

Monitor activity of all entities. Using Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, learn behavior and detect suspicious activity, known attacks, and issues.

Microsoft EMS