Infrastructure Management

Tie it all together, but don’t tie it down

Centralize configuration and operations management to reduce cost, increase business productivity, and optimize existing infrastructure with Microsoft System Center.

With the full System Center suite & associated technologies, Catapult can help:

  • Proactively monitor your environment to avoid or quickly resolve issues before they cause damage.

  • Comprehensively assess, deploy and update your servers, clients and devices across any environment.

  • Deliver continuous data protection.

  • Develop a centralized management approach for on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based infrastructures.

With System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), you can enable employees to reach new heights in productivity—allowing them to access corporate applications anywhere, on any device they choose, while protect important company information. Increase IT productivity and garner key insights by adding the Power BI solution template quickly and easily. Read the recent press release involving Catapult’s contribution of the solution template.

Catapult can help your team enable employees with System Center Configuration Manager.

Welcome to the Operation Management Suite

As the modern business environment increases in complexity, we strive to simplify challenges and harmonize the moving parts.

We understand that the way you monitor your workloads and datacenters has to evolve alongside your distribution strategy. On premise, in the cloud or hybrid, our Operation Management approach makes it possible for you to conduct a diversified system—regardless of location, operating system, hypervisor, or cloud provider. With over a decade of system management experience, we lend industry-best practice to your OM strategy.

Catapult secures, streamlines, and turns your system into a strategic asset with Microsoft’s Operation Management Suite:


Cultivate a safe repository for your data. Cloud-based monitoring and analytics tools help provide intelligent and accurate insight, allowing you to ensure that your data is kept safe and prevent threats in their tracks.


Decorated with industry-topping security and compliance credibility, we position you to rely on Azure cloud as a safety net. Move mission-critical data to the cloud in a matter of clicks to take advantage of data replication, remote health monitoring, and cutting-edge encryption.

While protection helps companies prevent loss, data intelligence and task automation provides competitive advantage.


Data intelligence has emerged into today’s business landscape as one of the most impactful differentiators. Simply put, organizations who leverage it will pace miles ahead of competitors. Let us help you use OMS to gain operational intelligence from your technology ecosystem.


Don’t exhaust talent and operational costs on a task treadmill; let them propel you to new business value. We’ll help you strategically author custom automation for your organization so you can leave the repetitive, time-consuming tasks of cloud and on-prem management to OMS.