Re-vitalizing a Medical Device Co.

 with AppDev Rx

An app-venture: Catapult Application Services saves a Medical Device company’s client base from atrophy. Never heard of Evenzia Corporation? That’s because we made it up! While the story is based on true events, we’ve fictionalized all names to protect client privacy.


Johnathan is the CEO of Evenzia Corporation, which sells medical devices with integrated software built by another vendor. For over a year, Johnathan’s customers have been requesting a new capability: devices that can back up their data in the cloud and provide a centrally located portal from which they can manage all devices. While Johnathan has an internal team that provides the integrated software, they only release updates every 6 months, and Evenzia is losing customers to a competitor. His customers have told him that they see his competition as more responsive to their needs, releasing new versions of the device’s software every two weeks or less.

Johnathan’s challenges are two-fold: he is outmaneuvered in the market and his product engineering team’s skills and enthusiasm continue to wane. Despite their hard work and dedication, the way Evenzia brings products and ideas to market has caused them to lag behind demand and competition. Sales teams are pressuring corporate to cut pricing and attrition increases as morale dwindles. Johnathan needs to rescue his customers and his team. He would love to have the dedication and enthusiasm they had “in the early days,” when the innovative engineering team worked closely with customers and delivered. Johnathan questions how to bring that dynamic environment to his now much larger company; what a process that would satisfy his investors and CFO would look like; and how to assimilate change into his company without losing talent.

He looked to us for an answer. Catapult’s Application Services is an enterprise grade, field-tested industry practice that delivers custom software. Our team brings the model John needs, as well as the business advisory experience to help mediate how, when, and at what pace cultural shifts may and should happen. That way, John can focus on retention and helping his team gain new career velocity. Additionally, Catapult’s Application Services gives John a framework from which to communicate delivered and planned value, so his investors and CFO can better understand his strategy and expectations in a responsive/agile world.

Companies throughout the U.S. trust Catapult as their partner in bringing to market innovate ideas that requiring custom solutions, and in training their teams to learn, adapt, and become self-sufficient. We can connect you with one of them today to hear their story.