An Oil & Gas Company Kicks Back in Gear

An app-venture: an oil and gas company struggles to accelerate until Catapult provides a missing piece. If you think “Karen” sounds like a suspiciously fake name, you’re right! While the story is based on true events, we’ve fictionalized characters to protect client privacy.

Karen’s oil and gas services company has a development team that builds and manages a portfolio of custom, revenue-generating solutions on which her customers depend. As regulations and the competitive landscape shift, her team struggles to respond at the same pace as the market and their customers shift. What’s behind their inability to pivot? Wrangling with committees to put the next big idea on top of the development team’s priority list, and then counting on the current delivery process to bring a quality product to market on time.


Cloud platforms and a bevy of other enabling processes have made it possible for Karen’s smaller competitors to outmaneuver her and to deliver niche solutions faster than her mainline products can adapt. Her market share continues to chip away in some regions, and a few of her bigger customers are asking when she will deliver on the ideas they had discussed last quarter.

Karen would love to rapidly get ideas to market, test their efficacy, and respond to what she learns. Some of her ideas could solve real problems in exploration and well management, but she can’t shift the development team’s priorities away from their current focus areas. Hiring a new team with all the right skills is costly and would greatly delay her time to market and reduce the return on her ideas.

So, she found an out-of-the-box solution: Catapult.

Catapult’s Application Services is a simpler way to bring custom solutions to market. By leveraging an incredibly skilled business and engineering team, customers access depth and breadth at a fraction of the cost. The result? Focused, high quality solutions that can hit the market faster than ever before.