Catapult AppServices Codes Success into a Software Company

An App-venture: a software company struggles to simplify their clients’ workload until Catapult helps support their own. While this story is based on true events, we’ve fictionalized names to protect client privacy.


DeShawn is the business director for Axio’s core software products, which handles a variety of accounting workflows, automation, scanning, receivables, and invoicing. He’s been there since the company was founded—it’s guiding purpose being to offload accounting and finance workloads from their clients. He has a highly successful technology portfolio in his products, but it is also very costly and distracts from Axio’s core reason for existing.

DeShawn faces multiple challenges. Axio is not based in a tech-heavy market, so finding fresh talent has been difficult and expensive. He’s had a lot of difficulty trying to fill three of his open spots. Members from their original set of talented engineers have moved on, and the current team and processes take too long to produce changes to their technology portfolio. The last two customer releases to did not go smoothly, and the fall-out distracted his team from new development for several months.

Axio cannot relocate to a better base market to solve its talent acquisition problem and DeShawn isn’t able to support all the relocation expenses, nor can he continue augmenting his team by hiring one-off remote developers. DeShawn would love to focus on innovating his products so they can better support his customers, but he will need to start delivering changes faster and smoother to keep his current customers on board.

Catapult’s Application Services provides a customer-centric approach to delivering software; it provides Axio a way to focus on what they do best: define products and services for accounting and finance; and it asks Catapult to do what we do best: deliver best-in-class software centered on Axio’s customer needs. Catapult’s Application Services provides DeShawn a way to build out his delivery capability; additionally, it allows him a predictable way to burst Axio’s innovation rate easily if they need to push out a new product or a whole new set of features, without the concern and trouble of hiring and managing a team.
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