Application Development

Envision, Build, Assess, and Maintain Your Applications

Our Application Development Services team constantly develops and delivers.

We focus on mission-critical, enterprise application solutions, which are often external facing and require continual enhancements. We also deliver applications with a shared risk alignment.
Application Security

Application Security Assessment

Catapult security experts thoroughly review your current application architecture, network posture, application hosting, and authentication/authorization methodology, and conduct a static code analysis.

Application Modernization

Application Modernization Assessment

Perfect for organizations that had custom applications built from before the advent of cloud technologies. We help you develop a deep understanding of your company’s current business-critical applications and how they could be modernized with Azure.

We imagine, build and sustain application development solutions that people love to use.

Enterprise Application Development Services


We align your organization’s application needs to your operational processes and technical architecture while meeting financial requirements.

Engagement Management

The depth and strength of our DevOps process ensure projects run smoothly.

Technical Skills

We have all the right people, with the necessary application technical expertise.

With more than 20 years of scaled enterprise application development delivery success, we’ve had the opportunity to deliver over 2,000 projects, ranging from small mobile applications, to enterprise level, mission critical systems.
Our rich requirement evaluation process begins by listening to you.  We collect key users’ input to help us identify the most valuable system features, allowing us to create widely embraced, agile, and precise enterprise application solutions at a fair cost.

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