Optimize classic, on-premise reporting and analysis with Catapult’s help.

Today, new capabilities and cost models enable data analysis to dwell in the cloud, but common practice doesn’t always translate to best practice. Needs, goals, and challenges vary from company to company. It’s our job to ensure you take the best approach, at all times, for your unique situation. On-premise reporting allows organizations to leverage existing investments and offers a smooth user adaptation. If this option makes sense for your company, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Reporting solution

Customized dashboards and advanced visualizations

After helping you select your ideal BI method, we’ll take it a step further:

  • We implement and configure state-of-the-art reporting, analysis and integration services in a way that adapts to your business needs.

  • Microsoft SQL Server integrated database management and analysis solution enables us to empower you with a comprehensive analysis suite, which interoperates with your existing system.

  • SQL Server’s integration services (SSIS) integrates data from any source; SQL Server’s analysis and reporting services (SSAS & SSRS) provides management reporting, analytics, forecasting and consolidation.

In fact, we’ll take as many steps as you need us to:

  • Your server may live in-house, but your BI expert doesn’t have to come from within. We strive to ensure you maximize your technology investment.

  • By providing ongoing, expert BI insight, we work with you to understand, solve, and anticipate complex problems, empowering you to make business decisions that yield immediate and future success.

Reporting solution

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