Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite

Let business intuition come naturally.

Using Microsoft Cortana, Catapult helps transform your data allowing your business to always think two steps ahead.

Who wants to hear an analytical genius’s story if it’s indecipherable? No one. That’s why Cortana Intelligence strives to put the human back into machine learning.


Bite-sized potential today, big opportunity tomorrow. Big, complex, strange, or elusive, Cortana stores and handles data of any kind, crafting it into consumable insight.

  • The Cortana Intelligence Suite supports your ability to make proactive business decisions by managing data’s entire lifecycle: from collection, storage, and management; to analysis, pattern-mapping, and conclusive visualization.

  •  Not only can you feel confident making decisions that involve complex, ever-evolving variables, but Cortana secures your data and your customers’ data from threats on its trusted cloud platform.


Sense-centric. Data analysis breaks human activity into quantifiable numbers; Cortana brings the cycle full-circle by re-constructing algorithms back into verbal and visual language.

  • Power BI, the suite’s designer, illustrates data intelligence into visuals and interactive reports, so you can see clear, data-driven answers on any device.

  • Microsoft Cortana’s namesake–artificial intelligence that speaks our language–initiates proactive interaction with you. In addition to communicating business insight through natural speech, Cortana also contextualizes solutions via social apps such as Facebook and Skype.

Cortana and Catapult

As Cortana Intelligence Suite opens up your blind spots to a blur of business potential, it can be overwhelming to ensure you make the most of this insight. We work to adjust the lens from your vantage point, transforming a scope of possibility into clear frames.

  • Our expert BI team works to ensure you yield actionable business intelligence alongside Cortana.

  • With a subscription-based approach, we offer flexibility and scalability to BI.  Leverage a world-class tool that lends invaluable BI without having to make a large, up-front investment.

  • We make it easy for you to integrate Cortana with various languages and frameworks, on-prem and in the cloud, so you can extract value from any data source.