Predictive Analytics

Leverage today’s data to predict tomorrow’s outcome

Business guidance through machine learning.

While traditional business intelligence examines past patterns, predictive analytics answers the question: What should we do next? Each and every business decision poses risk: from increasing or reducing human and capital resources, to changing processes and adjusting tactics. Predictive analytics minimizes this risk by illuminating the path ahead. So, why doesn’t every company practice predictive analytics in-house? Because of cost and complexity. That’s where we come in.

Predictive Analytics

We do the math:

  • With the help of Azure-hosted Cortana Analytics Suite, Catapult analyzes your data to identify future trends, map and predict patterns, classify data, and catch anomalies and outliers.

  • This allows us to help you arrive at clear, well-defined answers.

You stay ahead:

  • Take a proactive approach to your success by making decisions based on scientific insight.

  • Empower employees to feel prepared by predicting important trends like an influx in support calls.

  • Predict traffic and drive the route that’ll take you past your competition.

Predictive Analytics