Business Intelligence

Leverage the power of Catapult’s A3 BI methodology to rapidly gain insight into your business

Deliver usable business intelligence often, early, and accurately.

 Leverage the power of Catapult’s A3 Business Intelligence as a service Methodology to rapidly gain insight into your business.  A3 projects use an agile, accurate, and accelerated metholology to enable organizations to realize value early and often from their enterprise business intelligence infrastructure. A3 brings key business personnel into the development cycle, delivers usable BI assets frequently, and avoids the “that’s not what we asked you for six months ago” drama.

Jump Start

As with any technology solution, we start with envisioning. Most BI projects or initiatives start with some data issues or concerns in a key information center.


We build production-ready prototypes of the BI solution to gather requirements. This allows key users to experience the solution first hand, engaging them in the refinement process.

Plan, Prototype, and Build

Once we have identifi­ed one or more key information centers, we refi­ne pertinent BI requirements via production-ready prototypes.

Enterprise BI Strategy

We keep sight of enterprise BI as a service basics—a data warehouse, data marts, a reporting platform, data integration, and analytics—until business users have refined production-ready prototypes.

Business Intelligence methodology