Cortana Analytics

Tap into big data to extract big value.

Do you have some cumbersome data on your hands? Maybe it moves too rapidly to process, or it requires more space than traditional data warehouses or database systems can handle. You know this doesn’t make it any less valuable. With Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite, your business can unleash an exponential amount of insight for your company.

Catapult leverages Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite to connect the latest big data technologies with more traditional relational database tools.

Transform your unique data.

Draw value from uniquely-sourced data as a way to supplement standard information, consolidating it all within a single system.

Zoom in on the big data picture.

We translate big data analysis into readable charts and graphs through Power BI.

Create a panoramic view of data.

Companies that learn to manage big-data will find themselves miles above their opponents.

Cortana Analytics