Turn complex data into clear direction


With your specific needs in mind, Catapult’s subscription-based Business Intelligence solution provides data insight like no other.

Give the power of data to every individual in your organization. We empower your employees to make informed decisions based on streamlined data, while creating interactive reports to gain even more insight.

Let Catapult be your data scientist.

At most companies, data analysis falls to employees whose main responsibilities lie elsewhere, or to people who lack ample training or bandwidth for the task. They lack an efficient business intelligence solution or some form of data analysis technology. And while it doesn’t make sense for most to staff a full-time data scientist, rigorous and accurate analysis allows an organization to extract truly impactful answers from data.

  • Catapult offers business intelligence, scaled to fit your specific needs. With our subscription-based BI solution, receive continuous data insight while eliminating the need to invest in software that will eventually become obsolete.

  • Treat your data to a full-spectrum, state-of-the-art platform. Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite does it all: from reporting, dashboards, and alerting; to proactive data insights and analysis like regression, clustering, and pattern mapping; to big data analytics.

  • Envision the full scope of what your data has to reveal. Track trends with quick-reference dashboards and drill-to-detail with reports in Microsoft Power BI.

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