A Secure, Productive & Efficient Modern Experience.

As a finalist for the 2019 Microsoft Modern Desktop Partner of the Year Award, Catapult offers a very cohesive group of highly experienced valued engineers that rely on each other to solve problems. Keeping your devices current and secure without interruption so your team always has the right modern workplace solutions and services, wherever they are.

Windows Virtual Desktop Offers

All the tools you need for your remote workforce. Discover all Microsoft offers with Windows Virtual Desktop.


Windows Virtual Desktop


With WVD you can deploy and scale Windows desktops and apps on Azure and get best-of-breed security and compliance features. A pilot offer for companies that want to experience all the benefits.


Windows Virtual Desktop

Production Deployment

 Perfect for organizations that have configured WVD and need help planning and deploying it to production. Deploy and scale Windows desktops and apps on Azure and get best-of-breed security and compliance features.

How Can We Help?

Assessments & Workshops

We offer a variety of assessments and workshops to understand your current environment. We analyze your tools, programs and needs.

Design, Planning & Implementation

We can help you design, plan and implement a highly secure workspace with a modern desktop consisting of Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Ongoing Management

With Catapult’s continuous management you ensure that your devices and apps are secure, productive and efficient at all times. You can concentrate in the things that matter and stay updated with the latest technology.

Adoption & Change Management

Provide insights based on organizational best practices and risks, customized advisory services, and education programs for your team. We assist in creating a user adoption and change management strategy that will ensure your team adapts to seamlessly to the transition.

Technologies Supported

fuse-horiz2-office 365

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