Application Development

The next phase of application development innovation

As businesses continue to grow and evolve, leveraging the cloud
is helping to drive innovation and changing the way new solutions are delivered.

Application development services

Bringing new ideas to market quickly, at a predictable cost.

With more than 20 years of scaled application development delivery success, we’ve had the
opportunity to deliver over 2,000 projects, ranging from small mobile applications, to enterprise level, mission-critical systems.

Continuous Delivery

Catapult takes an outcome-based approach to application development, focusing on the problems to be solved versus the features of the solution. In traditional approaches, over 60% of features delivered go unused as they do not solve the end user’s pain point. Catapult’s Application Services approach cuts out the majority of this bloated feature that historical delivery approaches introduce, cutting average timelines and budgets.
Through Catapult’s continuous delivery methodology, software is produced and deployed to production in short cycles, enabling the product team to quickly adapt to changing needs, and ultimately build the solution that meets your business goals.

Devops Enablement

Reap the full benefit of empowering your teams to get out of the mundane and begin working on high-value, mission-critical digital applications. Leveraging the cloud and fully aligning with your business goals, Catapult employs agile coaching and continuous delivery to support your company’s future innovation.

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Application Services

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