Cloud Managed Services

Accelerating Innovation Through Cloud Efficiency.

Cloud Managed Services meets you wherever you are in the cloud by providing proactive management and improvement.

 Let Catapult be your cloud partner.

No matter your budget or where you are in your cloud journey, Azure Management Services (AMS) provides a set of service-level offerings unique to your business. Using a metrics-based optimization approach that delivers ongoing improvement, AMS provides affordable cloud managed services to help you get the most out of your cloud.


AMS meets you wherever you are with your budget and cloud capabilities.


We provide you direct access to hundreds of Catapult cloud experts with a wide range of skills and knowledge.


AMS delivers cloud managed services at a reduced cost through our mature processes, advanced tooling, and expert team.

Catapult provides strategic architectural guidance tailored to meet your objectives and operational goals in the cloud. Our consistent process enables you to remain focused and improve your cloud in an ongoing basis.

Keep your Head in the Cloud.

AMS delivers consistent optimization for all your operations in the cloud, such as diagnosing health and performance, configuring analytics, providing cost fluctuation alerts, and keeping up with the constant release of new features in Azure. AMS uses cloud architectures that leverage the latest Azure innovations, so that your cloud is always improving.

Improving your Cloud, Affordably.

AMS provides a cloud service with a variety of service-level offerings tailored to meet your unique business needs and technical objectives. AMS pricing is based on overall complexity, not cloud spend. This allows Catapult to provide fair, and transparent pricing no matter where you are with your cloud and budget. Not only does Catapult’s service occur on an ongoing basis, but you can budget for it monthly, paying for AMS as an operational expense versus a capital expense.

Experts On-Demand.

As your Azure partner, we’re with you at every step on your path to improvement. Based on our findings, we’ll help your team get better by reducing the problems your organization faces in the cloud. Our team of experts provide the knowledge and technical expertise to get you where you need to go in the cloud.

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Cloud managed services

How it Works

Catapult helps you pick the service-level offering that best fits what your goals and objectives are in the cloud: 1) Standard Advisory, which includes strategy and guidance, or 2) Premier, a full service execution. Both offerings provide supplementary support throughout your
cloud journey.

Not only does Catapult’s service occur on an ongoing basis, but you can budget for it monthly, paying for AMS as an operational expense versus a capital expense. AMS pricing is based on complexity of your Azure environment, not cloud spend, allowing Catapult to provide fair and transparent pricing.

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