User-Centered Experience

Customer-centered applications that stand the test of time

Connecting Employees and Solving Business Problems, Not Just Building Software

  • Engaging, simple, easy-to-use systems don’t “just happen” by following a process and hiring savvy engineers. It requires focusing on people from the very beginning and during each step in the design, development and deployment of a system.

  • Creating value, reducing risk, bringing delight, and improving quality — our holistic approach to system design is unique in the marketplace and a critical differentiator from our competitors.

  • User Centered Experience (UCX) is a proven design methodology and is a goal-directed approach to building systems that puts humans at the center of the design process.


Simple, structured and patterned based User Centered Design:

  • Provides quick, low-fi prototypes: agile iterations of ideas that are socialized with users on day one of the project.

  • Prevents problems instead of “fixing” them after the fact.

  • Trumps the “That’s not what I thought it would do…” conversation.

  • The goal of a 100% user adoption is maintained throughout the process, not just added on as a metric at the end.

We Deliver:

  • People Centered: Understanding the different user and business perspectives enables us to not only meet fundamental needs but drive connections and create value.

  • Collaborative: Our blended project teams work side-by-side with you. From the top down to the bottom up, we engage and excite the business stakeholders, employees and external users early and often.

  • Continuous: Multiple client touch points throughout system development lifecycle- no more waiting on pages of requirements or crossing fingers that the users accept during testing. Our delivery cycles are lean, agile and iterative.

  • Evidencing: Early prototype and testing sessions, as well as focusing delivery around a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), get the solution in front of the customer (external and internal) and validate connection points. We also repurpose various assets throughout the process; user stories become test scripts.

UCX maps the website directly to the way the users think – intuitive and easy.  Building systems that guide users through business processes with little or no frustration is especially important.  Those tasks are directly connected to important organizational goals.