Enterprise Architecture

Micro details and moving parts harmonize to paint big-picture success

Enabling the “Enterprise View” to perform “Enterprise Thinking” through our Enterprise Architecture service.

Enterprice Architecture

The challenge with most strategy management frameworks is that once the objectives and goals are established, then it traditionally comes down to what individuals know or remember about their current capabilities to determine what projects to execute. This also includes not having a full understanding about the parts of the organization that will be affected to enable the desired capabilities. Having the ability to pull the “golden string” and see all the parts that move is how you turn a desire for “enterprise thinking” into the reality of being able to perform “enterprise analysis.” Catapult’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) service is built on an experience employing EA best-practices to better enable our client’s business transformation imperatives.

  • Establish Enterprise Architecture as a Governance Framework within an organization while balancing demand for both stability and agility.

  • Model the Enterprise as references from which to analyze desired capabilities and services.

  • Enabled as a service within the Strategy Management process as well as Initiative planning and execution.


Organizations find little value in attempting everything, all at once, therefore our approach is focused on solving immediate needs, but with an eye towards the future.


Attention is focused on actual strategic and tactical needs with your top priorities in mind.


Enterprise Architecture Reference Models are developed bottom-up and top-down to immediately identify capability and value within the organization. 

Principle Based

Architecture designs are based on principles that guide the organization and related decisions.

Enterprise Architecture