Strategy Management

Back to basics: re-invigorating purpose and potential

Catapult Strategy Management works with you to re-asses the question: what core qualities
give integrity and growth potential to your organization?

Hitting the mark with our Strategy Management service

In all industries, business model innovation continues to create disruption as new entrants to markets shudder the basic principles upon which incumbent organizations were founded. This has caused organizations to continuously rethink their purpose and direction. Transforming a business requires refreshing your Mission, Values, Vision, Strategies, Goals and Objectives that will eventually drive the strategic business initiatives required for you to achieve both near and long-term growth targets. Our Strategy Management Service is designed to achieve maximum results and alignment from Purpose-to-Initiative.

Photo of a target

We offer:

  • Strategy Offsite Planning & Facilitation

  • Employment of Strategy Frameworks such as the Balanced Score Card

  • Customizable Strategy Cascade

With a purpose-driven and targeted strategy:

  • We focus on your Mission, Vision, Values and desired Culture.

  • We position your Organization for Long-term Success, but towards a foreseeable target.

While always placing emphasis on alignment and value, enabling us to:

  • Focus on the vital few objectives and initiatives that are designed to achieve desired return.

  • Trace a consistent line from Strategy to Execution.