Security Assessments

Pave the path to your company’s secure future.

Identify your organization’s biggest security threats and create a plan of attack. We offer a variety of assessments to meet your company’s unique business needs.

Office 365 Security
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GDPR / Compliance Readiness
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Portfolio Analysis
General Security
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Assessments can vary between just a week to two months, depending on the scope of the project. We do the heavy lifting—typical assessments require a very little commitment of time on your team’s part.

Get there in 4 easy steps

Catapult’s security assessments follow a prescriptive approach. We look at your environment and provide specific guidance on security improvements, including a prioritized punchlist for immediate and long-term action items.

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    Discovery Phase

    Enable security tools

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    In-Person Briefing

    A comprehensive presentation of your current security status, including any risky activities detected

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    Security Roadmap

    Recommendations along with a timeline to help you prioritize actions

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    Assessment Report

    A full written report of findings, translating complex signal analysis into actionable business terminology

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