Government Organizations Capitalize on the Cloud with Catapult

Catapult empowers a more proactive, citizen-centric approach. Using new technologies, government organizations can communicate with citizens on their terms to improve civic outcomes.

Local, State and Federal Government Agencies Achieve Results in the Cloud

Cloud platforms are specifically designed to meet rigorous government compliance demands, helping agencies tackle community challenges, drive innovation, and cut costs.

“… adoption is helping governments to improve business flexibility despite their back-end silo systems. The U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, DOJ, USDA, Department of Education and more have been early cloud adopters, setting the trend and direction for others to follow.”

The Azure Government cloud meets and exceeds the requirements for all security compliance including FedRamp, ITAR, CJIS, HIPAA, IRS, DISA Impact Level 2PA.

internal revenue service
GovCloud is HIPAA compliant
Photo of ITAR
GovCloud is FedRamp compliant
GovCloud is compliant with the Department of Defense
GovCloud is compliant with the Criminial Justice Information Systems

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