Bringing Communication Full Circle with Fuse

New Haven - Yale

Benefits of Fuse at the City level

After implementing Fuse, Catapult’s Cloud-hosted intranet, a large city government in Connecticut saw a drastic increase in employee collaboration and productivity. The implementation of Fuse allowed the City to improve information sharing quickly, in as little as 6 weeks, without disrupting staff and other IT imperatives.


  • Enabled information sharing that supports city managers and elected officials

  • Provided easy access to HR systems and documents

  • Reduced employee frustration by improving access to human resource information

  • Improved revenue collection and service delivery

  • Streamlined relevant progress reports to staff, managers, and citizens

  • Provided a huge cost savings with the cloud-hosted intranet that is managed and supported by Catapult

  • Freed up valuable IT resources for other priorities

  • Enhanced data integrity and security that goes above and beyond government requirements

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Bringing communication full circle in city government case study