As our digital era continues to evolve, so do expectations.

Today, constituents and public sector employees expect government organizations to keep up with the acceleration of technology. This demand challenges the public sector to accommodate for rising costs, causing internal structures and overall success paradigms to shift. Public websites, intranets and extranets have become the standard in supporting and sharing an organization’s mission, serving as the center-point of information for all of your constituents.


Taking the digital leap

  • Measurably improves employee and constituent experiences

  • Allows innovation with end-to-end digital practices

  • Amplifies your presence

Working to creating your Public Sector Digital Workplace?

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How can Catapult help?

  • Digital strategy and custom roadmapping

  • Constituent Experience Strategy

  • Analytics planning and infrastructure

  • Automation for departments and IT

  • Social, mobile and cloud integration

User Centered Design and Mobility are considered throughout the digital transformation creating the best experience for employees and constituents.

Catapult’s mobile strategy ties it all together

We start by looking at the big picture from business processes, IT Strategy, infrastructure, and more. Move forward in your mobile journey.

  • Mobile first, responsive designs that aligns to your key strategies

  • Reduced time to market, solutions delivered on time and within budget

  • Anywhere, anytime mobile access that drives engagement

  • Ensure employee access to data analytics for on-the-go business intelligence with apps like Power BI

Connecting Employees and Solving Business Problems, Not Just Building Software

  • Engaging, simple, easy-to-use systems don’t “just happen” by following a process and hiring savvy engineers. It requires focusing on people from the very beginning and during each step in the design, development and deployment of a system.

  • Creating value, reducing risk, bringing delight, and improving quality — our holistic approach to system design is unique in the marketplace and a critical differentiator from our competitors.

  • User Centered Experience (UCX) is a proven design methodology and is a goal-directed approach to building systems that puts humans at the center of the design process.

Creating Strong Engagement in the Digital Workplace

See how it happens.

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