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Financial Services

Condenses financial data for 50,000 mortgages across the United States. Incorporates loan balances, credit scores, interest rates, and other metrics into a consolidated dashboard.

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Public Health

Reveals trends of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the globe. Includes counts of case type by country, with key performance indicators that measure that widening impact.

Public Safety

Provides overview of criminal offenses for metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri. Summarizes offenses by patrol division and NIBRS category, with geospatial plotting of offense location.

Medical Provider Cost

Explores average procedure cost by types and locations of medical providers. Includes dynamic geospatial plotting and metrics that summarize cost coverage and procedures available.

Budget & Expenditures

Organizes budget and expenditure data across a six-tier department hierarchy. Showcases budget targets, percentages spent, and KPI indicators with dynamic cross-filtering capability.

School Performance

Displays testing proficiency in four subjects for 53 school districts. Illustrates student performance at each grade level for more than 220 schools, with filters for gender and proficiency levels.

Mixed Beverage Sales

Aggregates beer, liquor, and wine sales in Texas over a six-year period. Exhibits vendor age, sales amounts, and locations of more than 22,000 vendors across the state.

Pipeline Safety

Arranges oil pipeline accident data by operators, causes, and costs. Demonstrates correlations between response time and accident cost with custom visuals and diverging color sets.

Water Consumption

Examines residential and commercial water consumption across the greater Austin area. Shows gallons consumed over time by neighborhood, time of year, and neighborhood.

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