Managed IT Security Services Provider

Service-led and continuous security improvements as an extension of your team.

A proactive approach to security.

We are a managed IT security services provider that can help assess and optimize your environment constantly. Our security experts become an extension of your team and take a proactive, continuous approach with optimizing your security environment, keeping your devices and data protected.

Streamline Your Security Operations & Reduce Risks

We help you get more from your security investments, while working to meet your security and compliance goals. Get access to a security expert in every domain for a predictable monthly cost with Catapult’s Managed Security Services.

Future-proof your security environment with Spyglass

Spyglass is the combination of an IT security coach and our own Security Solution built with Microsoft technologies. We create a customized solution framework based on your specific security needs and align your tools and policies for future success with ongoing coaching and guidance. Spyglass provides an all-encompassing view and upkeep of your security needs.

How Catapult differs from traditional managed security services providers:

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    We don’t replace your entire security team. Instead, our team becomes an extension of your team.

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    Unlike traditional MSSPs, we adapt to your existing environment, processes and procedures.

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    We look at the bigger picture to identify root causes and strategic opportunities to reduce security incidents before they happen, rather than reacting after they occur.

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    We work with the tools you already own, so there is no need for additional software and hardware, except to close security gaps.

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    Always two steps ahead, Catapult’s Managed Security team looks for emerging trends, current likely threats, and security gaps to implement countermeasures, reducing the occurrence of incidents.

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    Our team supports you quickly when faced with potential security intrusions. Catapult’s Managed Security experts not only react, but also set you up for future success, reducing further incidents.

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    Catapult Security Coaches map and align our work to your organization’s compliance goals, collaborating with you to continuously improve your security posture and processes.

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