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Smooth Salutations. Safe Exits.

Launch: Automation for employee onboarding & offboarding

According to PC World, 59% of employees admit to “stealing” protected company data when leaving a job.

Looking for ways to streamline processes related to turnover? Whether you have high turnover or are just looking for ways to create smooth transitions when employees enter and exit your workforce—Launch works to automate your time consuming, highly repetitive internal IT processes.
Launch minimizes upstart time

Minimize start up time. Maximize success.


New employees can take days, even weeks to get onboard. Minimizing upstart time is key to supporting your IT department’s productivity. Your team is bombarded getting users access to email, intranet,  file shares, as well as the many other tasks like providing them with human resources paperwork, laptops, mobile devices, and badges.

Launch secures employee onboarding and offboarding

Effortless, secure employee offboarding.


Not only does turnover take valuable employee time, offboarding comes with a set of risks which can lead to compliance issues and costly mistakes. It would be great if you could trust all outgoing employees, but unfortunately, you run the risk of confidential customer or financial information being stolen and past employees continuing to access your network.

Launch by Catapult

Transform employee onboarding and offboarding with Catapult’s fully customizable automation platform.

Looking to automate more than onboarding and offboarding?  Launch allows you to automate your most time-consuming, highly repetitive IT processes.