Past Webinars

Past online events are available below:

Webinar TitleWatch the VideoGet the DeckDate
7 Ways to Elevate Your Contact Center with Microsoft TeamsWatch12/8/22
Power Up with Power PlatformWatch10/21/22
Ask Me Anything. I'm a Cybersecurity Expert.Watch05/04/22
I'm a Data Scientist. Ask Me Anything.Watch02/16/22
9 Common Roadblocks to Teams Phone... and how to overcome themWatchDownload12/9/21
Azure Security FundamentalsWatch8/19/21
Securing Your Remote Workforce with the “Zero Trust” Security Model Watch8/18/21
Top 5 Things You Can Investigate with the M365 Security PortalWatchDownload6/30/21
Three Key Considerations for a Successful Migration to Dynamics 365WatchDownload6/24/21
Azure Purview 101: Make Better Use of Your DataWatchDownload6/17/21
The Whole Picture - Azure Sentinel & M365 DefenderWatch6/9/21
Power Platform & Microsoft Teams Integration, Featuring Microsoft DataverseWatchDownload5/27/21
Microsoft Compliance Manager WatchDownload5/4/21
Azure Sentinel 101: The Next Generation of SecurityWatchDownload3/31/21
New Year, Better Communication: Microsoft TeamsWatchDownload01/27/21
The 12 Days of Azure SentinelWatch12/16/20
Make Your Data Work For You Using Artificial Intelligence
The Secure Remote Workforce Summit WatchDownload11/13/20
Application Security Fails and Why You Should WorryWatchDownload
Goodbye Skype. Hello Teams Voice! RerunWatchDownload6/30/20
How One Large Police Department Became a Data-Driven OrganizationWatchDownload6/25/20
5 Steps to Managing Your Azure BudgetWatchDownload6/17/20
Create a 360 Degree View of Your Customers with Customer InsightsWatchDownload6/10/20
Empowering Your Team to Become Citizen Data ScientistsWatchDownload5/28/20
Approachable AI WebinarWatchDownload5/13/20
Teams Crisis RolloutWatchDownload4/28/20
Are You Cybersafe? 10 Most Common O365 Security Fails
Stale to Stellar: Modernize Your SharePoint Intranet in O365WatchDownload4/7/20
How to Measure Productivity in O365WatchDownload4/2/20
Teams Crisis RolloutWatchDownload3/26/20
Zero Trust Security Webinar WatchDownload3/25/20
Azure Sentinel 101: The Next Generation of SecurityWatchDownload2/27/20
Goodbye Skype. Hello Teams!WatchDownload12/11/19
Are You Cybersafe? Top 10 Most Common Office 365 Security FailsWatchDownload11/14/19
Teams in 90 DaysWatchDownload11/13/19
Teams Vs SlackWatchDownload10/30/19
Tackle IT Trouble Webinar - Part 3WatchDownload10/23/19
Tackle IT Trouble Webinar - Part 2WatchDownload9/25/19
Tackle IT Trouble Webinar - Part 1WatchDownload8/28/19
Azure Sentinel 101: The Next Generation of SecurityWatchDownload8/7/2019
Cloud Fails: How to Avoid ThemWatchDownload7/17/2019
Prepare for SQL End of SupportWatchDownload6/13/2019
Practical Use for AI & Machine Learning Across the EnterpriseWatchDownload9/26/2018
Practical Use for AI & Machine Learning in the Public SectorWatchDownload9/18/2018
Modern Desktop Experience: Clearing the ViewWatchDownload
Tackling GDPR: Keys to Successful ComplianceWatchDownload