On August 28th, Donnie Taylor and I teamed up to present a webinar session titled “Tackle IT Trouble: Avoid Automation Mistakes in the Cloud“. During this session, we included key points, including the charts below which should be helpful when deciding which Microsoft automation tool to use and when to use it.


Key lessons from the webinar:

  • Use the right tool for the right job/don’t reinvent the wheel
  • You must understand the full process to automate it
  • Automation is NOT finished at go-live – it requires enhancement and maintenance forever
  • Log everything and retain the logs – automation must be transparent in what it is doing
  • Fear of automation? If you can’t be replaced you can’t be promoted
  • Start simple!
    • Don’t try to eat the entire elephant
    • Automate from the bottom up for complex automatons so that you gain value quickly
    • Identify common errors and prioritize those in the automation

Common use-cases for Microsoft automation tools:

Current costing for Microsoft automation tools:

Quick links:

-Register for a discounted automation session here

-Grab the slide deck for the first session here

-Or access the recording for the first session here (at the bottom of the page)

-You can also register for the next part of the series where Shaun Cassells and I will team up to cover “Tackle IT Trouble: Avoid Management Mistakes in the Cloud“. I hope to see you there!