Understand Your Data Overload with the Help of Our Big Data Consultants

Let our team of data architecture consultants tap into big data to extract big value. Connect the latest big data technologies with more traditional, relational database tools.

big data consultants

Transform Your Unique Data

Draw value from uniquely sourced data as a way to supplement standard information, consolidating it all, within a single system.

big data consultants

Zoom in on the Big Data Picture

Our team of Big Data consultants will translate big data analysis into readable charts and graphs throughout Power BI.

big data consultants

Create a Panoramic View of Data

Companies that learn to manage big data will find themselves miles above their opponents.

Big Data Technology Expertise


Azure HDInsights


Azure Data Lake

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Apache Spark



Big Data Services

Our team of Big Data Consultants will translate big data analysis into readable charts and graphs to discover insights that will will impact your future.


Data Architecture

Any analysis of reasonably complexity depends upon a data foundation that is reliable and well-structured. Catapult can help you define this structure by composing the models, policies, and standards upon which your analytics ecosystem can mature.


Data Engineering

Analytical systems are only as valuable as the data that goes into them, which is why their efficacy often depends on reliable and timely data. Catapult can facilitate this need by setting up data pipelines that continuously integrate real-time data, allowing your team to focus more time on analysis and less on infrastructure.


Data Governance

Many organizations house massive amounts of internal data, the value of which depends upon its consistency and availability. Catapult can assist by ensuring that your organization’s information assets are properly curated and managed, thus allowing value to be easily harvested and maintained.


Data Strategy

Without a comprehensive understanding of data management foundations, organizations risk falling short of their data-driven goals. Catapult can help you navigate these frameworks by ensuring that you make investments in the technologies and platforms best-suited for your organization’s goals.

Uncover Hidden Insights with Catapult's Big Data Architects

big data consultants
  • Unlock untapped value of data previously bound by volume or velocity
  • Make quick decisions from high-speed tools and in-memory analytics
  • Harness cost savings by leveraging the most efficient methods for storing large volumes of data
  • Maximize data accessibility by combining multiple sources into a holistic platform
  • Improve data lineage by getting a complete picture of where your data is stored

Dig Deeper


Data Platform Modernization Assessments

Understand your data and how to migrate to the cloud.


3 Keys to Unlocking Your Data

Unlock data across your organization and unleash its power.
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Data-Driven Innovation Ebook

Developing a digital transformation mindset.

Data & AI Pilot

Let Catapult help operationalize AI in 6 to 8 weeks.