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Methods to provide backup internet connectivity at home – Part 1

With all of us becoming increasingly dependent upon the Internet as we work from home, it becomes more important than…

Mar 30, 2020Cameron Fuller

ConfigMgr Database Maintenance – 2020 edition

The Usage Rights for SQL technology included with ConfigMgr isn’t obvious or logical. Thus, performing database optimization on ConfigMgr with Ola’s Maintenance Solution requires a bit of licensing guidance.

Mar 23, 2020Chad Simmons

Ron L’Esteve Recognized as Rookie of the Year by

Catapult’s Ron L’Esteve, Managing Consultant for our Data & AI practice, was recognized this month as the Rookie of…

Feb 26, 2020Catapult Systems

Introducing Cloud Computing and On-Prem Computing

Welcome to the “Introducing” series. Today we will do a quick visit comparing traditional on-premises (on-prem) computing with Cloud computing.…

Feb 26, 2020Cameron Fuller

Introducing the Introducing series

Welcome to the “Introducing Series”! Who am I? My name is Cameron Fuller, I have been in IT for nearly…

Feb 11, 2020Cameron Fuller

Microsoft Word spellcheck didn’t

When Microsoft Word won’t spellcheck a document, proffing is probably disabled on the document, style, or selected text.

Feb 7, 2020Chad Simmons

Converting an existing Logic App to a nested Logic App

As part of the process to simplify the logic of my Logic App, one of the steps was to start…

Jan 20, 2020Cameron Fuller

Windows 10 Upgrade without Upgrade Readiness

When Microsoft made the Upgrade Readiness solution freely available to anyone back in the Spring of 2017 it was a…

Jan 17, 2020Chad Simmons

Manually Deregister Linux Hybrid Runbook Worker

I recently ran into an issue where a Linux based Hybrid Runbook Worker where no longer connecting to Azure Automation.…

Jul 30, 2019Matthew Dowst

Operation Monster Smash – Part 3: A Tale of Two Vulnerabilities

The Bluekeep Vulnerability is Now Compounded by Network Level Authentication (NLA) client-side attacker bypass Vulnerability. One of the remedies to…

Jun 5, 2019Ed Higgins
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