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Microsoft teams for education: How to build your school

Do you need a way to provide online schooling for your students? If so, you should be aware that Microsoft…

Mar 23, 2020Cameron Fuller

Azure in Financial Industries: Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

This episode highlights the benefits Azure offers financial institutions. The growing need for multi-level security, governance, cost management, scalability and other advantages that Azure has to offer the financial services industry are discussed.

Mar 20, 2020Catapult Systems

Azure Synapse: Part 1- Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

Catapult’s Data & AI team launched the Happy Hour Chats series. Today’s Topic: Azure Synapse: Part 1.

Feb 14, 2020Catapult Systems

Catapult’s David Warner Wins First Place at Microsoft’s Fluid+SPFx vNext DevKitchen

Two weeks ago, Catapult Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP, David Warner took first place, along with his project partner Eric…

Oct 29, 2019Catapult Systems
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