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Introducing the Introducing series

Welcome to the “Introducing Series”! Who am I? My name is Cameron Fuller, I have been in IT for nearly…

Feb 11, 2020Cameron Fuller

How to query summarized versus raw data from Kusto queries

Back in my SCOM days, we had a database and a data warehouse. The database held live data and the…

Jan 24, 2020Cameron Fuller

Converting an existing Logic App to a nested Logic App

As part of the process to simplify the logic of my Logic App, one of the steps was to start…

Jan 20, 2020Cameron Fuller

How to query the NEST API from Logic Apps

As part of a process I am going through to re-platform my logic for the eternal question “should we open…

Jan 2, 2020Cameron Fuller

QuickTrick: Converting M Queries back to Kusto queries

In Log Analytics we can quickly export to Power BI just by running an Export to Power BI (M Query).…

Nov 22, 2019Cameron Fuller

Catapult’s David Warner Wins First Place at Microsoft’s Fluid+SPFx vNext DevKitchen

Two weeks ago, Catapult Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP, David Warner took first place, along with his project partner Eric…

Oct 29, 2019Catapult Systems

Manually Deregister Linux Hybrid Runbook Worker

I recently ran into an issue where a Linux based Hybrid Runbook Worker where no longer connecting to Azure Automation.…

Jul 30, 2019Matthew Dowst
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