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Introducing Certifications for Azure and how to get started with Azure

Welcome to the “Introducing” series (check here for the full list of blog posts in this series)! Today we will…

Mar 25, 2020Cameron Fuller

How to build your school in Microsoft Teams

Do you need a way to provide online schooling for your students? If so, you should be aware that Microsoft…

Mar 23, 2020Cameron Fuller

Azure in Financial Industries: Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

This episode highlights the benefits Azure offers financial institutions. The growing need for multi-level security, governance, cost management, scalability and other advantages that Azure has to offer the financial services industry are discussed.

Mar 20, 2020Catapult Systems

Introducing the third of three Microsoft Clouds: Azure

Welcome to the “Introducing” series (check here for the full list of blog posts in this series). Today we will…

Mar 18, 2020Cameron Fuller

Powerful and free options to provide virtual schooling during the Coronavirus outbreak

With all of the recent updates related to Covid-19 (IE: Coronavirus) outbreak in the United State and other countries, one…

Mar 13, 2020Cameron Fuller

Data Integration – Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

In this episode, Allen covers two data integration solutions: SSIS and Azure Data Factory. Talks over differences and similarities and when to use them.

Mar 13, 2020Catapult Systems

Introducing the second of three Microsoft Clouds: D365 cloud solution

Welcome to the “Introducing” series! Today we will introduce to the second of three Clouds which Microsoft provides. In the…

Mar 11, 2020Cameron Fuller

How to visualize free disk space available in Azure via Microsoft and 3rd party technologies

One of the most common requests in the world of monitoring is to be alerted before a disk runs out…

Mar 6, 2020Cameron Fuller

Introducing the first of three Microsoft Clouds: M365

Welcome to the “Introducing” series! Today we will do an introduction to the first of three Microsoft Clouds.  The first…

Mar 3, 2020Cameron Fuller

Azure Government – Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

Today’s Topic: Azure Government

Talent: Darryl Hofer, Senior Consultant Data & AI

Feb 28, 2020Catapult Systems
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