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Azure Synapse: Part 2- Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

Today’s Topic: Azure Synapse – Part 2
Talent: Edgar Cuellar, Lead Consultant, featuring Seth Werner, Sr. Lead Consultant.

Feb 21, 2020Catapult Systems

Azure Synapse: Part 1- Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

Catapult’s Data & AI team launched the Happy Hour Chats series. Today’s Topic: Azure Synapse: Part 1.

Feb 14, 2020Catapult Systems

Artificial Intelligence IS Approachable: 5 Takeaways From Our Workshop

One of the great pleasures of my position at Catapult Systems is to be able to share my excitement about…

Oct 23, 2019Lee Harper

Good or Bad: The Data Visualization Litmus Test

If you took chemistry in high school, you may remember doing a litmus test at some point.  It’s when you…

Oct 5, 2019Seth Werner

The Most Useful Power BI Feature

Power BI has hundreds of great features, but I would argue that there is a Power BI feature that stands…

Sep 23, 2019Seth Werner
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