A client in the healthcare industry recently approached Catapult Systems to assist with an upgrade and migration of their Sales Tracking System from Paradox to Microsoft SQL Server. The original system was a legacy system with disparate inputs that the client used to manually consolidate and refine sales tracings, as well as to calculate sales credits & compensation.

Catapult conceived a three-part solution to assure a smooth transition, focusing first on the sales tracings, working next on the sales credits, and ending with visualization through reports and dashboards. During this first phase, Catapult implemented Data Model (Visio), ASP.NET 4.0, and SSIS Package Template Design using SQL Server 2008 R2 Integration Services. Once the Sales Tracking web application was designed and deployed, Catapult performed a knowledge transfer to client’s designated resource and a quality assurance check for Catapult tasks.

Upon completion of this first phase, the client’s IT department is now able to consolidate the Sales Tracings from various distributors using SSIS packages to extract, transform, and load these tracings. Their business users are also satisfied, enjoying their improved ability to refine Sales Tracings using the Sales Tracking web application. Catapult will complete work on the second phase of the effort, the sales credits portion, at a later time this year.