I’ve been an avid Windows Phone junkie from back in the Windows CE 6.0 days. I’ll admit to a year long sojourn to iOS prior to Windows Phone 7.5 releasing an wooing me back, but I think I’ve cut the last cord and now am back on iOS for good.

What was the final straw?  The Microsoft 950 and the prior 1520 seriously lacked in hardware quality but in the end Windows Phone 10 never lived up to its promise and with Microsoft essentially abandoning the platform and the OS staying was getting more and more difficult while switching was getting easier.

Honestly Satya’s vision is far superior to Balmer’s and as good as the Lumia line was and Windows Phone 8, it wasn’t going to outstrip iOS or Android. Now the entire office suite is on those platforms.

So, how was the switch?  Simple and easy. I got my new iPhone 6s Plus and hit the App Store. The first thing I downloaded was Outlook and connected it to my personal O365 account and then my work O365 account. In seconds I was in business getting my emails.  Shortly after that I downloaded Skype for Business and  I downloaded the Office Suite and I had everything I needed to get my work done.  You can’t see my base bar with Outlook and Skype for Business, but here is everything else…that I know of hanging off my home screen

I will post more as I learn more, but so far it’s grand. Oh, and this post was all from the iPhone, something that the Edge browser just didn’t like too much.

Microsoft on iphone

Microsoft Productivity on the iPhone