Windows Phone 10 had a neat new feature that I thought was going to be awesome.  It was called Hello Windows and it allowed you to login to your phone by the phone looking at your face.

It was yet another disappointment.  Why?  Two reasons.  One was because it took too long to actually authenticate you and it drained battery life.  I tend to look at the glance screen a ton to see what messages I have, or appointments and if you did that enough, it would error out the Hello feature.  Eventually I turned it off.


Windows Phone 10 Hello

The iPhone has the Touch ID feature and it is pretty much equal to the hype from what I have seen so far.  I can use it not only to unlock my phone, but many apps allow for me to use it to authenticate inside of the App as well.  The most important thing…it is extremely fast.


The inner workings of the iPhone Touch ID