Today I will share the neatest thing I experienced on my iPhone. I do a lot of meetings and most of them are on conference bridges where I have to type an 800# and then a 7-15 digit passcode to get in. On my Windows Phone I used to have an app that did this, but it disappeared with WinPhone 8. Since then I have had to hand type the numbers from the meeting to the phone dialer. This can be especially tricky in a car and often requires multiple screen swaps to get it right in large part because the phone number for the meeting was not an area you could cut and paste from. 

Today I had my normal meeting and noticed that the number was clickable. Now it was also clickable on the WinPhone but it always said invalid number because it looked like:

(888) 555-1213; Access Code 1234567890

When I clicked that my old phone would just say invalid phone number and refuse to dial it. Sometimes the number would look like:

(888) 555-1213,,,1234567890#

The commas were pauses before typing the access code. Old phone, invalid number and wouldn’t dial. 

Today I clicked the link and the phone dialed. It didn’t do the access code but the phone app showed the number  it tried and I could easily dial the number. 

That is it for today. I’ll post some more when something else neat happens.