This is all from rumors and has not been verified, to my knowledge, by anyone at Microsoft. But with that said I hope it is ALL TRUE. First off, Windows Phone 8 (code name Apollo) is going to switch from the WinCE Kernel to the full Windows 8 Kernel! The full leaked story I am talking about is here: So This story is spreading like wildfire, and to my knowledge at the time of this write, has not been denied by Microsoft. And I hope all of it is true!

So after reading the new integration between Windows 8 tablet/desktop and the Windows Phone 8 I have a problem. I have recently blogged about my issue with my HTC Titan phone, nothing with the phone (it rocks) itself but the fact that the Titan II is coming out in March with LTE band and 16 megapixel camera less than six months after I bought the Titan I. Also the Nokia 900, a phone that is getting great reviews and also has the LTE 4G band is set to debut on AT&T in March. So should I jump to the Titan II or Nokia 900 next month, or wait for the Windows Phone 8 hardware to launch, rumor late fall of 2012? As reported in the link above, NFC, 4 new screen resolutions, multi-core processors, removable SD storage, etc. is coming. So my gorgeous wife, already thinks I have a phone fetish (I do but don’t tell her) should I jump on either the Titan II or Nokia 900 or wait, and wait and wait until the Windows Phone 8 hardware and OS launches? While I think I should get one of the new phones in March when they are rumored to launch (Titan II and 900) and then upgrade again in late fall; I don’t want to get in too much trouble!

Here is a quick recap from

Go Windows Phone GO!