Of the things that irks me when I have to rebuild my machine is having reconfigure Windows Live Writer for my blogs.  Another huge pain is configuring Thunderbird for all of my non-work email accounts.  I have a lot of folders and message rules setup for the various forums and email distribution lists I participate in and it’s frustrating to have to set those up again.

This time around, I was able to find a couple tools to help make this process fairly seamless.

Windows Live Writer Backup

This tool was pretty straightforward, easy to use and worked like a champ. Windows Live Writer launched right up after restoring my data. Both of my blogs settings and templates were retained. I had to re-enter my passwords, otherwise everything was retained.



Thunderbird Backup

Mozbackup was very easy to use and has support for Portable applications. Thunderbird launched successfully and had all my settings and emails after the restore. The only thing I had to do was launch Thunderbird first to create a profile, the tool wouldn’t let me create one even though that’s an option in the program.  However, once I launched Thunderbird the first time, the tool was able to restore to that profile.


Here are a few screenshots of the backup process.