So a couple months ago I won an Acer Iconia Tab W500, at a Microsoft Delta Force Ranger event for Office 365. Well with the release of the Windows 8 Developer preview I just had to install in on my tablet to test it out. So far it has been very good. The new Start screen is very touch friendly and easy to use. Switching back to the native desktop interface is easy as well but not as touch friendly of course. In looking around the OS I like the Explorer Ribbon addition, makes things in this area a little more touch friendly versus the menus in Windows 7.

The Developer Preview came with several applications pre-loaded. They seem pretty nice and are all very touch friendly. What I am looking forward to this is when the developers of current Windows Phone 7 apps are able to port the app to Windows 8. This is where the power of cross platform, phone and laptop/tablet will really be obtained. I also heard that Ballmer made a statement that Microsoft is looking to bring the Metro interface to Office 15. With Metro in Office and Office being touch friendly will make Windows 8 just that much better.

One cool feature of Windows 8 is that I sign-in with my Windows Live ID and everything is automatically sync with my SkyDrive! Very very cool. As a consultant I have really taken to using OneNote for taking notes and gather project information and I store these on my SkyDrive. So now notes I take on my Company computer, my Phone (Windows Phone 7 with the full RTM version of Mango) and now my tablet are all sync’d without me lifting a finger, just need a WIFI connection. Also the "Thumb Keyboard" makes typing on the tablet pretty easy, if you have not seen this here is a picture.



Overall I am very impressed with Windows 8 so far. Next up is getting the Windows Server 8 Dev preview up and running and checking it out!