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Windows 7: Best of Deployment Compilation

By Jeremy Chapman

I like all types of music and with almost any successful musician there comes a time when they take their best tracks and create a “Best of” album. This is not only great for people who want all of their music in one place, but also for the people new to that musician. Now you might argue that all this goes away with online music services, but I’d argue that sometimes the level of selection there gets daunting. At this point you’re also probably wondering what this all has to do with Windows 7 deployment, well… after more than a year post general availability and two years since I’ve been writing and reviewing content, it’s time to sift through that huge potential playlist and cut the Windows 7: Best of Deployment Compilation.

If you are new to the Windows deployment game or are stuck in the spooky world of drive-cloning with older sector-based processes, this should help you get started. If you’ve seen it and have the concert T-shirts from our TechEd tours, then you can probably skip ahead. We’ll start out with the basic concepts then go deeper into the how-to guides.