Today we saw Microsoft reinvigorate it’s flagship for collaboration in the workplace, SharePoint 2016.  I, for one, am glad that Jeff Teper is back in charge and making SharePoint something that is the focus of Microsoft as opposed to just a cog in the machine.  I am also happy with the strategy that they have released.  The Cloud, specifically Office 365, is the innovations laboratory for SharePoint features and functionality.  There we have already seen most of SharePoint 2016 already released and now those on premise users can get some of that SharePoint goodness.

The focus for Microsoft is evolving.  Its not just Cloud First anymore, but also Mobile First and Intelligence Powered.  How do we do TWO or even THREE firsts?  Well, I see them as co-equal.  For many of us, if we cannot do it on our phones, it just isn’t going to get done, and as the workforce moves more towards the Millennials being the majority of the workforce (in 2020) the mobile platform will become more and more a requirement for all solutions.  If you aren’t delivering a mobile solution, then your employees are likely to move on to someone who does.  If that solution isn’t using your own data to allow people to make those decisions, well then you are failing your users.  With SharePoint 2016, Microsoft is making that transition easier.

Which brings me to SMITTEN with SharePoint 2016.  As we saw today  Microsoft’s vision is to reinvent content collaboration for the Mobile First, Intelligence Powered world that we inhabit.  They will do this by allowing us to created Tailored Enterprise Networks that are 

  • Simple – You won’t have to train your users how to do everything, millions have been spent on an improved User Experience
  • Mobile – The platform doens’t matter, iOS, Android, Windows, any device, any time, any place
  • Intelligent – Using machine learning and with the ability to connect to your data in real time solutions will drive decisions
  • Trusted – You can be sure that users are getting the right data, and doing so securely
  • Tailored – Each user gets what THEY need as opposed to general information
  • Enterprise – SharePoint reaches everyone around the block or around the world, inside or outside of your organization
  • Network – Bringing your people together and making them more productive that ever before.

I feel like I did when I first got into SharePoint back in 2003 and saw the potential for such an amazing platform.  It is great to be excited about the #FutureOfSharePoint