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An OpsMgr administrator I have worked with for a while reached out to me with this question today: “Our web console looks to be working fine but not all performance counters that show in in the local console show up in the web console. Is this a known issue or is there something specific I am missing?”


We tracked this back to a limitation of how many performance counters are displayed in the OpsMgr 2007 R2 web console. By default the web console displays a maximum of 200 performance counters which can be overridden (details on this and how to make changes to this behavior are at:


I was curious to see how this would function in the upcoming release for OpsMgr 2012. OpsMgr 2012 has a new web console which is based on Silverlight so there may be differences in how the new web console functions by default and in how we change the default behavior of the new web console. I have blogged on a similar topic (how to change the autosignout value in the OpsMgr web console) so I was hoping that this change would be similar to implement.


A quick test of the new OpsMgr Web console confirmed that the default behavior is to display 200 performance counters. To change this behavior I altered the MonitoringView web.config file (in the default location of C:\program files\system center 2012\Operations Manager\WebConsole\MonitoringView\Web.config) in the following way: (the yellow highlighted section represents the new line added).


The actual text changed in the file is listed below:

  <!– <add key="setting" value="value"/> –>
  <add key="LimitMaxViewRows" value="500" />

After making this change I used an IISreset to apply the change and re-tested and validated that the number of performance counters displayed had increased as expected. Thank you to the Microsoft product team for direction on this and to my friend Albert for his assistance on getting my web.config syntax to work correctly!


Summary: Is your OpsMgr Web console not displaying performance counters which are displaying in the full OpsMgr console? You may be hitting the default limit of 200 performance counters displayed in the view which can be changed by altering the web.config file to alter the value for LimitMaxViewRows as shown above.